Who We Are

Our Mission At Ur Wealth Advisory Is Summed Up In One Simple Phrase:

Property Advice You Can Trust

Turning Your Dreams into Reality With Our Financing Solutions

Ur Wealth Advisory, where dreams become reality through our tailored financing solutions. Our commitment is to turn your unique aspirations into achievable milestones, whether it’s securing your dream home, making that first crucial investment, or opting for a strategic refinance. 

Our Vision

Is to empower 5000 Aussies on the Path to Financial Freedom by 2035.

Our Mission

At Ur Wealth Advisory, our mission is to transform lives by providing personalized financial solutions that pave the way to enduring financial freedom. By 2035, we are committed to guiding and supporting 5000 individuals across Australia in achieving their financial goals. Through strategic planning, expert advice, and a dedication to our clients' success, we aspire to be the catalyst for transformative financial journeys. Together, let's build a future where financial freedom is not just a dream but a reality for every Australian we serve.

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Wayne Davie

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Our Story

The idea was sparked for ur wealth Advisory long before it became a company, after its founder Wayne Davie had attended a few questionable investment seminars. After reading horror stories about how people had been lied to, taken advantage of and cheated. He set on a mission: Provide property advice, you can trust.

Looking around the industry, seeing the same Facebook Ad’s promising unsuspecting victims ways to make fast cash with little to no risk (a lie), disloyal banks and lenders doing anything they could to win new business whilst leaving their existing clients in the dumps. The industry wasn’t pretty.

So Wayne, kicked the wheels in to motion to form a new, transparent and trustworthy full service brokerage: Ur Wealth Advisory.

A Brokerage That Puts Its Clients Needs And Goals First.

Wayne took a leap of faith and quit his regular job, up skilled and got the required training so that he could start Ur Wealth Advisory.

Ur wealth Advisory was born, with a tremendous amount of hard work the business grew exceptionally well. Our clients loved that we were transparent, responsive and had their best interest at hart.

We are continuing to grow, helping clients all around Brisbane and across Australia purchase their first property right up to helping clients build property empires.

2023 – Present In 2023, we proudly claim our position as Brisbane’s #1 Mortgage Brokerage, a title earned through excellence and dedication. Wayne Davie, our esteemed mortgage broker, was honored with the prestigious Mortgage Broker of the Year award for Queensland, reaffirming our commitment to unparalleled service and expertise. Trust the expertise that has earned us the top spot in Brisbane, and let us guide you through a mortgage experience that is not only award-winning but tailored to your unique financial goals. 

Meet Your Professional Team

Discover the faces behind financial expertise at Ur Wealth Advisory. Meet our professional team, dedicated to guiding you through personalized financial journeys. With diverse skills and unwavering commitment, we’re here to ensure your financial success. Get acquainted with the team that transforms aspirations into reality.

Wayne Davie

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